au courant

Hi, you.

Don’t panic, my VSCO account (click here) will be up forever and ever amen. I have decided to switch to a website where you can keep up with me just as much as I keep up with you all. This switch has been underway since the turn of the year, and I am excited to see where it takes us.

The coined term “narcotic vitamin” actually came to me in a deep sleep. Narcotic is a term that is often found in a negative light; leave that side out. Narcotic is a word that speaks to me as an addiction, a painkiller, calming in a sense. Addiction does not have to be to a drug, whatever numbs your bad days does not have to be illegal. Vitamin is a term that is found in an optional essential light. Something suggested for good health, but not required for good health. When I pieced the two together, it showed that my blog is something that I aim for you to desire to find a healthy addiction to.

SO let’s have fun. Welcome to a blog of life – health, wellness, travels. Isn’t that all we need? Check out my new video on YouTube, click around on some links here, and read my newest blogs.

I would like to share my new email as well – Please feel free to email me any questions, concerns, ideas you want to hear about, anything. Constructive criticism counts too, but always attach your name so you’re credible.

Au courant means current, most up to date, new.

Enjoy & Share!


1 thought on “au courant

  1. I absolutely LOVE the name. Very unique and creative!

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