IMG_8606For everyone who has been feeling like this because of the horrible weather, the horrible weather and the horrible weather, I feel you. College takes you away from working out, I get you. You aren’t home in the summer being motivated by the fruit salad your mom just made and the bikini hanging up outside to dry in the sun after your lit day at the beach, I know. But you have to get up.

College has done an excellent job of keeping me busy, playing basketball has been the key factor in my schedule (nothing new) keeping me sane and skinny. Now. Everytime I look at the calendar I get all wide eyed because its MARCH and how the hell did it become March. So then you count 3 months and that makes may, when you start to see your ex boyfriend or your ex girlfriend or ex-talked-to-person and you start thinking about how good you want to look. YOU. WILL. BE. HOME. (or shout out to those traveling abroad) and you will be around the people you most likely spent the last 4 years with prior to your fall and spring semesters of college. So people.. wake up. We have some shaping up to do! Remember that last year you were most likely working to fit into and look good in your ball or prom dress. If that’s still you, WORK IT!! If it’s not, we need to make a new goal.

I completely understand the struggle with dining hall food. DO. YOUR. BEST. Complaining about the dining hall food not being healthy does not make your eyes look for anyway to make it work any quicker !! SO – a word to the wise. Salad, Chicken Breast, Turkey Burger, and Basmati (or brown) rice. Mix it up. Eat scrambled eggs for breakfast. Take some tomatoes and cucumbers and eat them with ranch dressing because who doesn’t like ranch (Hi Ash & Jocey). Stop making excuses and make it work. IMG_8340

3 eggs scrambled with Swiss topped with Arugula – Green Tea Banana Pancakes

When I am home, I am truly back to my old me, my old eating habits and I just had to share these recipes.

The Eggs are easy. Melt the coconut oil in the pan. Mix the eggs, add a touch of skim milk, scramble the eggs, add the swiss, and top it with arugula. I added a pinch or garlic powder just for that extra kick but whatever floats your taste buds.

The pancakes have a base of normal pancake mix (I never ever measure it out, I just eyeball enough for two or three pancakes) Normally with more time, I would have made my own from scratch but sometimes you just have to cheat. I mashed up one banana (YES it will look like throw up.) And for the liquid I used as much green tea as it would to create the consistency of a pancake. I added the banana in and stirred it. Then I made sure the skillet was ready for me and BOOM Green Tea Banana Pancakes. (They were delicious)



So contrary to popular belief I gained about 15 pounds since my arrival to college and I wasn’t feeling to great about it despite everyone and the kitchen sink telling me “IT IS MUSCLE.” SO I’ve taken up my challenge again of eating the least amount of white sugar and processed foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup in them. I feel great again. Not completely back to my old self, but I feel great.

Fun Fact: I drink a cup of tea every night, and lately it has been the tea Get Gorgeous of the Be Well Red Tea company. I  buy this at Parkleigh in the coffee and tea aisle, but you can buy online, or even at Wegmans. I seem to be swearing by the Get Gorgeous, as it promotes healthy skin and who doesn’t want healthy skin. I also have used the Get Clean when I pursued my first ever Teatox. You may not be able to buy most of the ones that are sold on the website at Wegmans such as “Get Happy” or “Get It Going”. But when I got bored of Green Tea everyday (Of course I still drink it), it was cool to switch it up and CHANGE.

I hope that you all are enjoying these blogs so far, if you need me email me at rissablogs@yahoo.com. There is always room for suggestion and cool vibes from you all. Share and Pass it on, thanks for taking your dose of Narcotic Vitamin today.

SO much love —

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  1. You inspire me. Love you. 🙂

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