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Sounds like a country song doesn’t it? If you know me, you know my love for country that I seem to have lost when I was put on this earth. I am currently home now, but I wanted to make note of my surprise travels back here last week. These are a few of my favorite things in Rochester. Don’t rule your city out!

Falafel & Tourlou at Aladdin’s Natural Eatery – 646 Monroe Ave, Rochester

Mediterranean food is something that is very hard to come by in Albany. I searched high and wide for a place like Aladdin’s that my parents have been taking my brother and I to since I was 6,  but it’s near impossible. Aladdin’s is famous in my eyes for just about everything, but what better way to eat healthy food than eating GOOD healthy food? Almost every option there is vegan, vegetarian and just plain and simply crafted. It is an excellent place to have a little date. About the Falafel (closest to you in the picture) it is fried chick peas. Now I know you all see “fried” and think greasy, which is understandable but you just have to take my word for it. The chick peas are mixed with an array of spices that you just can’t duplicate anywhere else. 11/10 recommend. The dressing that is with it  is known as “Tahini Yogurt” which if you look for it in a store you’re going to pay an arm and a leg for it. That’s where the “everything in moderation” comes in. Tourlou (in the background) is my parent’s favorite dish there, which is eggplant in a spiced sauce with cooked with other vegetables. Aladdin’s can be a hit among those that enjoy Mediterranean, and I you don’t, I recommend trying it.

IMG_8460This is the Chicken Salad (Salad) – Not exactly my favorite thing because I ordered Chicken Salad but I thought it was going to be Chicken on top of the salad but instead it was actually Chicken Salad on top of salad but I ate it anyways!! Lots of celery (Negative Cals!!) With Tahini Yogurt dressing, anything here is good to be honest.

Parkleigh Pharmacy – 215 Park Ave. Rochester


Parkleigh Pharmacy is a place to be yourself, find items you’ll never see anywhere else, and (buy lokai bracelets if you don’t want to order them online)! This soap collection is just one of the many collections that are handmade, handcrafted, and sold here at this extravagant boutique. Aside from the large Vera collection, Spartina (my favorite necklaces that I own) sells an extensive collection of handbags and jewelry out of Parkleigh. Buying local has become a big to-do lately for anyone trying to support their local community. What better way to support where your from by buying from handmade companies within walking distance of the shop!? Note that Parkleigh is never an in-and-out (miss you Cali) shop. Bring your boyfriend, bring your girlfriend, go with your mom. Theres a TON of candy and gourmet chocolates there, a coffee section with a selection of cookbooks, whatever you need. Just take an hour and drive out to Parkleigh, you could spend at least 45 in the card aisle. Enjoy it – and MacKenzie Childs is right across the street (owned by Parkleigh but that’s a different story.)

Matcha Green Tea Frappe via Wegmans – Latta Road, Greece

SO I decided to quit the chocolatey drinks everytime I came here with my mom (which amounts to about 3 times every 6 months since I’m at school) but if you like Green Tea, you HAVE to try this.

Matcha Green Tea powder is Green Tea in it’s finest form. I drink Green Tea almost everyday (if not three times) plain and regular, nothing added. You know my speal about Green Tea. Matcha can be added to a n y t h I n g. A smoothie bowl. A protein shake. Milk and Ice like this. It is so handy and such a great metabolism booster. So have that one shamrock shake and then move on to the better green drink. Why not coffee for a caffeine booster? Green Tea promotes mental Acuity (Alertness WITHOUT THE SHAKES !!!) In addition to caffeine and metabolism boost — Matcha Green Tea can help promote a healthy Cardiovascular system and has vitamins that support a healthy immune system such as Zinc and C. Green Tea isn’t a super fruit, but it’s a super drink. Try it, and try it Matcha!!

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For a lot of you who’s spring breaks are coming up, don’t rule out your city to explore! If you find a place that you feel like everyone should know about, SHARE IT! This year has been all about “Passing it On” so share and explore and share some more.

If you need me, get me at rissablogs@yahoo.com. ASK ME ANYTHING! I hope this post finds you all in good light and good health. Enjoy your week and Happy Sunday!

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