go women! 

So, over winter break at school I had an idea to take selfies before I showered. Fully clothed of course. So that explains all of these pictures, natural, untouched, just me. 

But today is a day that we recognize for all women, and for that I decided to journal.    

Being confident in your own skin is easier said than done! But remember that being confident in your own skin is something to be proud of. The more you love yourself, the easier you can love others. Spread it!

 International Women’s Day has a hashtag on Snapchat. Now, i would not have know that it was this day unless I had social media and wow was this publicized. It think it’s something special that women get to be recognized internationally today… But let’s keep it going. 

As an 18 year old just finishing up her freshman year of college, I look back and see a history that I am not always proud of as a woman in this society. It has always been easy to make friends, but it was easier to belong to your clique than it was to expand out of it. In high school it was something “cool” to be “cool” and fun to leave girls out, and being a mean girl was something so easily exchanged. If I could go back and change anything in high school and even middle school, it would be to carefully treat other girls with respect. Jealousy is such an easy trait to embody, not a single person is independent from that statement. So a note to anyone in high school: embrace yourself, empower others, and with that you will be in favor of goodness. Good Karma is a thing if you believe in it — so as someone who has been on both sides of the game: be nice 🙂. 

  Who is the most important woman in your life?

My momma. 

It’s always good to shout out your favorites. If they do good for you, show them love. Empowering other women is something to be proud of. It’s not always easy to do, and it’s not really a requirement to get better grades or be more popular among people. You never know the type of day someone is having, what someone might be going through. (Shout out to Cam today for inspiring me to do this journal.)

It doesn’t just have to be a 😍 on a picture. 

Not everyone wants to be perfect. Everyone has a different point of view of what 





are. How can we be so judgemental as girls? Well it’s easy. Our images of perfect all conflict. I am no feminist, please do not confuse me as I do not know enough information as I probably should. In a world where we live under the man in the workplace, in most sports, and politics. (Of course not mentioning some relationships.) We must empower each other. Pick each other up when we’re put down, and hold strong to what we believe in. If you don’t like her, you don’t have to say how ugly her ball dress is to make her feel bad. Chances are the front she will put up on Twitter about “being above you anyways” is just that; a front. 

She hurts just like you do, she cries at 2 am about a boy or a girl or her parents or her bestfriend that talked to her boyfriend. Whatever. Empower, not degrade. And yes, all of us can work on this. 


 How you present yourself on your social media website is on you. If you are happy in your skin, be happy. Show the world. As women, we should not be afraid to post what we want if we feel good about it in fears that we may look like a “slut” to other girls or seem like we are “asking for it” from a significant other. Social media is used for expression; of thoughts and wonders and images… and if you do it in the correct ways it can be art form. Remember that if you don’t like it, unfollow it, because art has different meanings to different people. 
Tomorrow when I will be watching the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special, I already know the amount of tweets I will see of women degrading themselves, and maybe even the models. Why tweet it? This is these womens jobs. They are paid to stay in the best shape they possibly can and yes they are skinny and yes they wear minimal clothing but this is their job. Chances are you have bought from Victorias Secret, Pink or even Aerie. (Aerie takes place in a really cool non-photo edit for its girls in their ads.) I am a proud girl who looks up to the models of Victoria’s Secret and I will always be in their corner for as long as I promote healthy living. Take notice and do your research before you tweet, and don’t degrade yourself either by saying how fat you feel. Part of the will to empower others is to empower yourself!!! 

  Here you go, love. Believe in yourself. In a world where we’ve all felt alone at some point or another, we forget that we all have at least one thing in common; we are little girls who always looked up to someone older than us and wondered what it was like to be 18. Well here we are, so let’s be good models for any little girl who might need it today. 
Happy #internationalwomensday!

Don’t forget to empower all. 

Don’t forget to enlighten all. 

I hope this finds you all in good light and to all my best guys… I love you all the most. This blog can apply to some of you who act like us during our times of the months on (several) occasion(s). 😉 

Email me at rissablogs@yahoo.com if you liked this or have any questions or ideas for new posts! Enjoy loves, enjoy. 

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