On staying positive 

Yesterday at a leadership forum that I am apart of, a live speaker by the name of John C Maxwell said words that had changed his outlook, only to suddenly change mine. 

“You’re never truly down. You’re either up, or getting up.”  

Me? Take pride in my art? This isn’t my average calendar with fancy handwriting on it. This, what is this? A stress-relief.  


So no one is saying you need to become an art major on a train ride but that’s what I did today. Welcome to my world. 

The lotus flower represents purity. Now let’s get this straight, I’m not promoting purity by pasteling this. But in the mud and water, the lotus flower puts its roots. But it always rises about the surface and blooms  beautifully and fragrantly. I took a lesson from the lotus flower today, we often are rooted in dark places that people cannot see with the naked eye, we are rooted in our own mud. But everyday, we bloom, we stand out, and we do the best we can to show the world what we are made of. On being positive: it’s okay to have muddy roots. We’re all in the same water; more than you’d like to admit. Paint your picture and paint it loud. (Or oil pastel it)

 Eating well is something that I have screamed about cried about smiled about taken pictures of and done just about anything for. Currently, I am not the skinny frail girl I was when I started blogging a year ago. (Most) days, I wish I still was. One season of college basketball has put the amount of muscle on me that I cannot come to adore. (And they still want more muscle to be built) I look in the mirror and who do I love? My muscular, basketball body over my thin, boney self? No, no no. So we run into an issue here. The way that one perceives themself in the mirror is not always to do with what other people think. As a society, we are so quick to infer that the media with girls like GiGi Hadid and Kendall Jenner promotes a standard for what a girl’s body should look like, but looking up to these girls and emulating them are two different stories. My problem? Being obsessed with my old self. My old body my old stomach my old thigh gap and it has caused an immense hole in my life. So on staying positive: there is ALWAYS a happy median to be found. You will find it. But first, you must find the positives. Search high and wide for the things you love about your body. Pick 3 before you say 1 negative thing. You got this.  

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