dear roommate

Walking in to the building that we’d make a years worth of memories in was something so blind to us in August. Leave our bestfriends at home, Leave our comfy beds, Leave our homes, and make new. How? We didn’t know it yet, but we’d figure it out together.

Moving in seems like just yesterday. The first week flew by, from figuring out how to live with someone else to figuring out how to work the laundry machine without our moms. I’d learn about your hate for the fork touching your teeth and your love for clothes from Francescas. Soon i’d know that you can’t sleep without a fan but not for the wind, for the noise. Your love for the Ignition (Remix) that will most likely never die. Can’t forget that you live for sleeping to the last second. Everyday. College didn’t change us, we changed each other.
To find someone to do everything with seemed near impossible. And then you get a roommate. They become the person you cry to first, about everything. They start to gather your secrets because you lay them all on them at first by convenience and as the year goes on, by choice. They’re the first to know about the girl back home who pissed your bestfriend off and you’re the first to know about the guy that they saw on campus today that smiled at them. You become their 3am go to- as do they, because who else would you rather wake up. 

The world doesn’t need another picture of you guys and neither does our phone storage. People most likely have drafted tweets about how our instagrams are only pictures of each other. You don’t have the same good side (hopefully) but you make it work when you do. We wanted to photograph e v e r y t h i n g (we still do) but how can we forget the first night we spent sitting on the curb in August waiting for a cab for hours not knowing the city street we were on? Or the time you spent hand feeding a peanut butter sandwich to her minutes (you better rally!!) before we went out? When you aren’t about and never will be about the guy trying to dance with you so we make eye contact and we find our hands above the party and come back to our comfort zones. 

When you have a roommate who becomes your bestfriend, you will find yourself with a look to give each other in ANY situation. This ranges from wanting to leave the bar to wanting to go get more food. It becomes a look only you two understand, and you can’t help but die laughing about the way you clutch each other walking out of the awkward situation you guys were placed in. The emojis next to their contacts won’t change for years because it reminds you of your freshman year you spent texting each other every second you weren’t with each other. When you went home for breaks, it didn’t feel the same. 

“Edit my picture” • “Find a caption for me” • “I don’t know what to wear” • “Is this too dressy?” • “I really want ice cream” (it better have brownies in it) •”Do I follow her back?” • “Hi can you take our picture?” • “Should I post this? Is it too late to post?” • “I could do laundry right now….” • “I’m not going to my 9am if you’re not going to your 9am” • How could you not be finishing each other’s sentences by the end of the year? 

Having a roommate that you can be yourself with is key. It’s about making light of the new situation you’ve been put in, and it’s taking a shot in the dark more times than not. It’s about the nights you went off in seperate directions but always came back to the same place, and the times you didn’t see each other for less than 4 hours yet you spill every piece of information like you haven’t seen them in years. It’s holding hair, or standing over a bathroom stall cause one of us is too stubborn to open the door. It’s having two closets instead of one and it’s like getting a free sister without the fights, or with the fights, but mostly without. It’s a reality check, it’s a sticker of approval, and having a roommate that you can go to for anything is probably the best thing that could happen to your Freshman year. 

Dear roommate, thanks for putting up with me. I asked for a roommate, and got a bestfriend. 

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