7 quotes to live by

Hey guys, I’m proud to say I’ve graced this earth with my presence for 18 long years, but would like to throw the disclaimer out that theres 7 billion other people out there that are attempting to make their mark. So in my perfectionist nature, there IS indeed a target on my back. Or my forehead. 7 life tips seems to be enough to cover 18 years of life, and I like lists so here goes nothing.

Nassau, Bahamas 6:04AM

1. “Be mentally attached to nothing except the ability to roam freely in your own mind”.

This sounds stupid, and it is. “Good Vibes” – basic, yes. But with these two words you can change your world. There is a huge discrepancy between the worlds of vibes that we can throw ourselves into. You’re allowed to live in whatever one you want. But it is essential for us as humans to emit as much light as we can into this world before we cannot anymore. We are often confused with surround ourselves vs giving off good vibes, but it is a paradoxical situation. If you give off good energy, the people around you will reflect you, and vis versa. No, I am not saying have no bad days. Because anyone who has quotes in their bio’s about only happy days, only good vibes, it’s not possible. Even the happiest people have bad days, so instead of minimizing a feeling, capitalize and own it. Your mind is a beautiful place, so let things out of it so you can always have room to roam free. Let go & Let’s go.

Long Pond, NY

2. “Too much sunshine creates a desert”.

Balance. Think about it, a desert is less than ideal for suitable living. In turn, too much rain creates a flood. How do we, as products of this generation move into a system of balance. When you look around, we are the ones happy at first glance, but once you pry for information we begin to shut down. Our insides are decaying not only physically, but emotionally, as we continue down the path to perfection that is expected by our parents. But is “how it is” really “how it needs to be”? Balance takes time. Consider this- life is thrown at you, consistently, honestly, and unknowingly. Off-balance, you’re placed in compromising situations and tough decisions are to be made. But look closer- we almost always have 3 categories to our life. Academic, Social, Life. Balance is a necessity. There is something to be said for the person you are often envious of- look at the balance. How do they carry themselves through the tough times? There are words that can be strung together for them and by them and about them but they never seem to succumb to the thoughts of others. A word to the wise- balance is everything. Never lose your sense of balance to something else, someone else, or the mere fact that you may have 1 bad day. You can do it all.

Durand Eastman Beach

3. “Never forget where you came from.”

Where you were raised is something unique to you. Sure, you’ve been in the same town with the same people since you were 5 years old {if you were lucky} but going to college will make you appreciate more than just your bed and your late nights you spent with your childhood bestfriends letting the darkness surround you and your conversations lighting the way. Meeting new people, almost always the question “Where are you from” comes up. Your city and state landmark may mean little  to nothing to their minds, but think about it. This is home, this is where you learned to ride a bike and you probably had your first kiss here, your favorite food from your favorite restaurant and your favorite park are all within the same city name. This question can be honestly compared to someone asking “do you know so-and-so” yet you dated them for what seemed like ages, but you reply a simple “yes” and conversation moves forward. We must take more pride in our towns, because they are apart of our stories that we tell each time we add a new piece in our puzzle. It is easy to get caught up in a new culture, which is what happens every single time I travel to the west coast. Similar to “always wanting what you cant have” a key to accepting ourselves is never forgetting where we were born and raised. It shaped our human, {with a little help from our families} and  you can’t ever change it. You’re not stuck where you’re from, but you’re stuck with where you’re from. Own it.

Jesse James
4. “Family is everything”

I leave “friends” out of this for the sole reason that friends that become apart of your world and never leave become your family. For most of us, “family” is our parents and our siblings and {our pets}, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and as aforementioned our friends closest to us. But isn’t the definition of family the people who came and never left? Think about it- family is unconditional. When times get tough, you go to the people who are by your side unconditionally. To find people like this are to find all of the wealth you may want in this life and technically, “everything”. They teach us right from wrong, and they teach us to accept tough love. I for one can vouch for messing up or mixing up or becoming someone i’m not for all of the wrong reasons. Family is all you have when you look around at this world. They keep you from feeling alone, they are the ones who pick you up from a party at 3 am and wait until the next morning to talk to you about what you could do better. They push you in your sports, your academics, your profession, and they worry about you when you tell them not to. Family is blood, family isn’t blood, family is everything. I am a big advocate for always saying “I love you” when I know I mean it. We’re quick to shy away from this, but God forbid always think of the feeling you wouldn’t be able to live with knowing you didn’t tell your family you loved them. Say it before bed, Say it before you get off the phone, and say it randomly. #SpreadLove can start closer to you than you think.

Oahu, Hawaii

5. “The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me?” -Ayn Rand

“What do you want to be when you grow up” -every adult since we were 5.

It’s changed a million times, just like making millions became all of our goals. How money oriented can we get. Dreams are great, but the essence of a “dream” makes things surreal. The only person who said you couldn’t be a professional hockey player are statistics {those are just a number} and your parents {most likely suggesting a plan B} – BUT why not make that a goal? Goals tend to be more realistic for us as humans on this money-high expectation-high risk-high reward society we seem to be apart of. But lets think- since when is setting a goal a little out of our comfort zone a negative aspect? Set your goals and set your bars and set them high as hell. Why? Because even if you fall slightly short, it’s still higher than your original thought of mediocrity. Never let your age, your gender, your sexuality, your physical appearance or your lack of will hinder you from setting your mind to do something you love. You want it? Go get it. Wrap your life around goals that make you a better you, and spend less time being people-oriented or socially-oriented. Those will come right along with your own self will to be great, but work on yourself first.

La Jolla, California
6. “This too shall pass.”

THIS. Live by this. You’ve heard it everywhere, but until the Lumineers sang it in “Gale Song” and it made me cry, there wasn’t a whole lot to back it up. To live by this quote would mean to be ignorant to any temporary sadness, negativity, or instability you may be dealing with. Death is an example of this, because it is something that comes and goes so quickly whether we like to admit it. The grieving process is different for anyone and everyone, but it is important to take all of the aspects into account that there was a time that they were here next to you, hugging you, holding you, and they want you to move forward. If you cannot move forward, how will you create more memories to tell them about some day? Not to get deep on anyone- but the sadness, the unhappiness and short lengths of time we can seem to be stable enough to be happy, try thinking of this quote. There is nothing so bad that we cannot get through, and look how far you’ve come in all honesty. The world is tough, but darling so are you.

7. “To each is own.”

Last, but not least. This is a quote that every single person on this destined earth could live by. I say it a lot actually, one of those phrases that comes out so easily when you’re not sure what to say to someone who just threw up their opinion all over you. However. It is not to be used in the company of a negative thought made by yourself. To each is own refers to our own opinions and to be honest, should be placed on anything to do with politics. It does not regulate any sort of discrimination however, so don’t get this confused or take it out of context. As Americans, we are entitled to our opinions, our thoughts. The biggest aspect to come of this is simply letting people be. You almost NEVER know what someone’s intentions are unless they lay it out on the table for you {and who does that anymore} but using “to each is own” can often leave people wondering. Hozier said theres something tragic about us {From Eden, give it a listen}, and there is. But let us all live individual lives until we share our thoughts with one another, how simple does that seem? Oh well, to each is own.

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Hope this finds everyone in good light! 

Imperial Beach, California





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      Thank you Jaime! Please share it! Good luck with the rest of your senior year 🙂


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