it’ll always be you

First and foremost, there will always be at least 3 songs attached to these blogs now. I realized I operate under 3 playlists {generally} and somedays I like sharing what I’ve been lowkey doing around this world so here. – low up, vibe tribe, & deep waters. I’ve been into reading lyrics lately, to help understand the writer. If you like music, you know this can make or break you getting through a day.

vibe tribe: Capsize / Frenship & Emily Warren |

deep waters: Close to You  / Rihanna |

low up: Is There Somewhere / Halsey |

I’ll be honest, residing in the deep waters playlist has been my hidden talent lately. It seems like there’s many people going through something they’ve been trying to keep quiet or just keep it together for that matter. Hear me out.

From Eden – Hozier {listen}

There’s a fine line between loving yourself and loving yourself to fit in. Be true and be honest. Take everyone away from your mind, and first moments in the morning how do you feel?

We speculate, a lot. If you haven’t tweeted something about your future, being excited to wake up next to the same person everyday for the rest of your life, or having cute babies to dress up then you’ve at least thought about it. We’re already attaching ourselves to someone else, and maybe because that’s the way we’ve been since middle school. SO if we started this early, with the exception of that couple that everyone adores {Hi Domi & Kyle} how many times have we been left, only to fill the void once again? Think about this. Think about yourself. Now think of a healthy relationship. No one says it has to be perfect, because it won’t be, but is constantly changing how we feel, constantly taking down walls just to put them back up, and losing trust in all of humanity something we truly want to identify with? As I don’t stand tall in the relationship category and most of you don’t know too much about me for my own reasons, watching someone else hurt because of a person that they thought had loved them, it tears everyone apart and down at the same time.

This puts us in conflict. We hate being alone, we crave attention, we love to be loved and put on a pedestal higher than the last girl, and we couldn’t be happier waking up next to someone we love. To be in the arms of one, to be safe and sound and loved, we are constantly craving the approval of the only one we see, and it may be the only thing that can hurt us worse than our own thoughts. We enjoy the words of others, the promises and the forehead kisses and just loving someone back, because it makes us feel. The 3 am conversations that make you bestfriends and the 2 pm errands you run together that have you fighting like youre married. Time may go by, and a lot of it.. but you’ve had your heart broken recently, you’ve been let down, you’ve been constantly told you’re good enough only to be left, you’ve been reading through every single text message he’s ever sent you and you’re holding on to something so tightly that isn’t there anymore. They’re in your mind and you’re not anywhere near theirs. So then you straddle the fine line of giving up and trying to get back everything that you gave your all to. Let me tell you,

let go.

Get up {I know you can} and stop living for someone else and I know this is hard to do but listen, there WILL be a day far from here that you’re going to be with someone who loves you for you, who you want to be, and what you’re all about. We forget that in this society its okay to be alone. But hi, you. You deserve the world. They’re going to tell you this from day one and listen, they may tear you down. You put your everything into them and in your mind you have nothing left when they are gone. How can you do that to a person you love? I know. But look around you… 7 billion people here and you’re going to let a single human tear you apart and now look down at yourself you deserve more than that. You deserve the world. Start loving yourself. Start putting time into yourself & your beautiful, beautiful mind. Humans recognize humans and to be loved for everything you are someday will come.

Self Love is hard. We live in a world of not knowing what it’s like to not be constantly seeking approval from the eyes of others. Whether you would like to admit it or not, someone, somewhere will ALWAYS have something to say about how you live, how you act, how you look and what you preach; however it’s your choice on how to receive it. To go about something with a deal of poise rather than a deal of rage is to understand a jealous mind. Self Love doesn’t have to come only during your bad times either… Self Love doesn’t have to involve social media and Self Love does not need to be a public ordeal. Take me for example, I actually went to my favorite restaurant alone the other day. {Osaka Sushi in Chili, take a visit, sketchy place.. unlimited sushi} I sat down, confidently, and ignored the fact that this was the most out of my comfort zone event I have ever taken part of. Not only did I leave full, but I left with a clear mind. You can do so much thinking in the company of solely your own mind, and why not? Low and behold…. the alternative for those who do not believe in Yoga or meditation {shame on you}.

To love yourself at a time when your world is falling down, apart or changing can teach you more about yourself than the “future you” could ever advise you. How are you supposed to move forward in the tough times? Slowly. If you tell your parents everything as I do, you’ll find that older generations aren’t familiar with the amount of time it may take for you to get through something & chances are you’ve been fighting it for a while. We have to stop letting other people define us and our feelings. So this brings back our conflict. “To Love and to be Loved” is the quote of the day, but why did your mind go to loving someone else? Love yourself first, and you will be loved.

plain me

Self Love, that’s what I support. Self Love to promote ALL Love. How can you go wrong with a confident soul? Humans recognize Humans. Start small, and with every intention become better for others.

In the end, it will always be you – now love yourself.

{and listen to those songs, workout, eat well and be the good ass human you were born to be.}





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