Essentials: Core Life Eatery

So here is what we’ve been waiting for my Grecians & health food extraordinaires.

Core Life Eatery – Grand Opening: June 25th, 2016

Located in between Petco & Party City {yes, exactly where the old Panera was located}

I know that I’ve been saying we need a restaurant like this is Greece, & for those of you Core lovers who have been to the one in Webster, you know how much we could use one of these at any destination we travel – that’s how much we know you’ll love us.

Yes, I did get employed at Core & for those of you who know me, this is my 18 year old version of “dream job.” There is something to be said for the people I work with, the atmosphere, our management, and our team-style attitude. We are proud of what we do and stand for at Core, so take a read at what it’s all about.

Come on in, take a menu, ASK US QUESTIONS. The way our line style works is similar to Chipotle, so take a breath, and have trust in us that we will take care of you start to finish. Overwhelmed? Normal. ASK US QUESTIONS. The way our menu works is more simple than it seems. Let’s break it down:

Green Bowl: Our green bowls are most commonly referred to as a salad. Green bowls start with a greens base. Most commonly, there will be Kale & Romaine in the Green Bowl menu items. However, we boast Arugula, Cabbage, Spinach & Mezclun mix as well. Don’t know what to choose? Try our most popular bowl, “Steak Bacon & Blue” with tomatoes, Gorgonzola and cranberries topped with our delicious cranberry vinaigrette.

Grain Bowl: These are the popular ones. Grain bowls start with a green base, but then we add some pizazz with one of three of our grains; Quinoa, Rice Noodles, or Wild Rice Blend. Our grain bowls take the best of both worlds of a hearty salad with to match the hearty grains. Don’t get stressed- try out the “Southwest Grilled Chicken & Wild Rice Blend” to get a salad with a beautiful assembly & taste – sporting tomatoes, corn, scallions, black beans, jalapeños, chicken & finished off with our Lime Cilantro Jalapeño Vinaigrette.

Broth Bowl: Something you won’t quite find anywhere else. We are proud to be home to broths that are understandably nutrient rich. The concept of this is taking a mixture of greens and/or grains, pairing them with a selection of delicious fresh vegetables &/or meats, and steaming them. To finish off your bowl, the steamed creation will be covered in the broth of your choosing; chicken, beef or veggie. Try our most popular bone broth bowl, Grilled Chicken Tortilla; or one of our delicious soups {Tomato Basil or Broccoli Cheddar}.

Don’t want to follow the rules? Create your own bowl. For first timers, order off the menu. Get familiar with what you like, what flavors you enjoy together & your favorites may become engrained in our memory from all of the visits you’ll take. “Welcome home.”

Have an allergy? We have your back. Going out to lunch & dinner can be extremely stressful, and we understand this! Let us know up front, and we will make sure you are catered to exactly how you should be, stress-free. We are happy to say our menu is completely Gluten Free, & Shellfish Free.

Bringing in your kids? We understand that a lot of times, healthy eating doesn’t exactly appeal to your kids. Here at Core, we take pride in our kid friendly menu. We can create a chicken noodle soup with our Rice Noodles & Chicken broth- and let the littles pick out what veggies they want inside their creation! Rice noodles with butter, or our tomato basil soup over top of it are always winners as well. No worries- we have kid friendly portions for them, or ask for a side version of any of our normal bowls!

Vegan or Vegetarian? You’re awesome, too. We have several options that cater to your lifestyle! Try out our Tofu. {I do need to make a point to try it out}. Look at our menu to notice the bowls noted Vegan with a (V). The most popular Vegan bowl? Shittake Mushroom and Roasted Tofu broth bowl will do you some good. Enjoy.

What else do you need to know? You can drink our dressings. THATS when you know there is no preservatives holding everything together (um, ew!). All of our lemonades {My favorite is the Cucumber Basil} are juiced, and the colors are from exactly what you see. TRY THE BEET LEMONADE! Tell your friends about us, tweet about us (@EatAtCore)  and post on Instagram. We love your busy lifestyle, but why not pencil us in, too?

We’re excited to meet you.

We hope you’re excited too. Here at Core Life Eatery, we make you a top priority just as you’ve made putting good food into your body a must. We want you to know what you’re eating, thus taking a step forward from simply “eating healthy”. Our fresh ingredients paired with our to-die-for dressings and broths makes Core what we are. But what sets Core Life Eatery higher, is the pure desire for an experience unmatched in this industry of dining. Don’t forget to ASK US QUESTIONS & feel free to wonder. Remember, we have your back! Visit & explore our menu, nutrition information, & the detailed words of what we’re all about.

We’ll see you soon. Welcome to Core Life Eatery.

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