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IMG_7826 (1)Hello everyone! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, my favorite weather has yet again graced Rochester. Yes, the clouds & the air that’s cold enough to be fall clothes but warm enough to be summer happy? That’s my weather. A quick update, I am doing well to dispel any rumors of me being “depressed”; one that is not a word to be thrown around bluntly & two, my bad days do not equate a bad life. I am doing well! I have been reading a lot, working out of course, & I bought a new journal. I wonder often how people are, I wonder what their worlds are like, but being at two jobs where I have the pleasure of meeting new people everyday cloud my thoughts often times. I’ve finally figured out that being happy for someone else shouldn’t cause pain for your own being & if it does, you need to change your perspective indefinitely.

So lets go public {market}.

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Rochester Public Market – N. Union Street

I am a firm believer that the Rochester Public Market is one of the last places that we are grasping as a place to feel safe within our city borders & say what you want, but this is the truth. It is truly the most public hidden gem & aside from being a huge fan of buying local, the public market can indeed be your place to restore after a long week for the start of a new one. My advice? Stay in one Friday night, go to sleep at a decent time, & wake up at 6:30 or 7 & make a move. The earlier you go, the better experience it is, in my opinion. Tuesday Thursday & Saturdays are the days to work with; but the most vendors come to play on Saturdays. Check the website out here.

SO you get there, great. Don’t come there in a rush. If you like to people watch like I do, you’ll find that you could sit for hours & wonder about the hundreds of minds that will walk by you. Come with a purpose {or don’t} but bring cash. Parking is free. I went with my dad this morning, we usually go with my mom & Curty however, some people were not so early risen today. There is something to be said for the morning air & the way it settles so lightly on the market. There is always someone smiling, asking how you are, & offering you their best. It is a place for people to reunite with passerby they haven’t exchanged words with in years {yes, I met one of my dad’s old students who hadn’t seen me since I was 18 months old & his words now: “time flies, enjoy it”}

Some of my favorites:

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Market Squeeze Stand

Market Squeeze Juice. This is my Saturday sanction. Skip the gym this morning & go get some juice. I’ve found that overworking yourself at the gym to relieve stress has been something so real lately, but you will feel better if you find different ways to release stress rather than channeling it all in one place. Remember to not spread yourself too thin – & if you know me, you know that I have to work on this! Back to Market Squeeze – I genuinely wish they had a storefront but this will do. I always get the “Green Machine” which is a typical Green juice that tastes more like the fruit they press into it than the vegetables. Kale, Spinach, Romaine, Apple, Ginger, Beets, Pineapple, Oranges & Pear are all common ingredients in each of the juices, & the stand is almost as pretty as the drinks.

IMG_2321 (1)

The Amish Stand. If you know me, you know my lowkey obsession with Amish people but I always struggle to be forward & ask for a picture of them so I just photograph their AMAZING products. I am their biggest banana bread fan & it’s hard to ignore the excitement when we walk up to their stand.

The incense. I am a huge fan of burning incense when I practice yoga inside on the rainy days. When I’m reading or even just listening to some music, incense is always a good background scent. You’ll get a laugh at some of these characterized scent names, & the lady who sells you them will tell you all about what you’re purchasing. Good incense for better numbers.

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Can you smell the scent?

Eggs. Buy farm fresh eggs here for cheap. Raspberries, Blueberries {PS CORE GOT BLUEBERRIES} & Strawberries are the go to summer fruit at the market. Peaches, my loves, these are in. We take peaches for granted due to the apples that we are blessed with every fall! I made an extremely unhealthy {yeah, I know} blueberry-peach trifle the other day that was to die for. {treat yourself, its summer}

I think we need to take more pride in buying locally. You can get just about anything you want when it comes to the market, and from farm to stand it doesn’t get any fresher than the market. Take advantage of the prices. Take advantage of the knowledge from the people who cultivate honey for their living, & ask questions to the people who sell you the beautiful flowers. The market is a source of live information about what you are putting into your body and, well, it’s better to eat well now & thank your body later.

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If you ever want to come with me to the market, grab a couple of friends & we can make it happen. Some of my favorite people hate the market {Hi, Francesca} but I think that it is a good place to be for anyone who wants an early morning adventure. When I said that this seems to be one of the last places in our city that we don’t feel threatened by ANYTHING, we feel safe, & able to just be humans, I meant it. Have conversation, go to Boulder Coffee Co. if you’re a coffee lover, or just go wander around. I can’t lie, my heart gets all full when I’m wandering around the market, passing by people with different stories so early in the morning.

I hope everyone is doing well, I hope everyone is living well. I’m working on a recipes entry currently, & hope that everyone who tries anything reaches out. I love hearing from all of you whether youre 2 miles or 2,000 from me, it makes my days better. Enjoy your day loves, & buy more sunflowers. {Love you, J}

It is a new day | A new day it is.

Enjoy your Saturday.





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