short and obviously sweet

lets skip the apologizing because everyone hates “i’m sorry”, I’ll let you in on a secret. When I’m not blogging, all is well. So I guess it’s bittersweet with my return, eh? {keeping this short & sweet for you studying out and about within the world.}


-side note- ALL of the pictures attached were taken by the amazing David Haston. Not only did I talk his ear off about life, my EMBARRASSING lack of tattoos (you should see his, holy moly) because of my low pain tolerance, he cut his  hand on some glass for me, what a gentleman. Taking a break from life for a second to take some amazing shots was needed indefinitely.PLEASE follow his work, share it, give him credit. He might be FL raised but we all know everything’s a little better up north. *winks and points across the table*


okay so here’s a couple things my loves. Well, 7 to be exact.

  1. listen. Nights With You – MØ {“Girl, you’re gorgeous
    You know you might not always feel like it but you are
    And you’re worth it
    Are you sure you are?} Listen to this song. The lyrics like touched my soul, its super upbeat and it will probably make you think about your bestfriend or some girl you probably shouldn’t be chasing after. or guy. Whatever. {also text me if you want to hear a cute story about my online professor that I met today. Made my entire heart smile.}IMG_7854
  2. breathe. Finals are looming, hell yes. One day closer to home, every time you sleep. How good does it feel to be done with yet another year of college? Onto another three months of working all day and playing all night, here we come ROC. Get ready, stay in shape, and keep eating healthy. Avocados are your friends, egg whites, whole wheat everything, PEACHES ARE COMIN’ BACK TOO. Take advantage of the beautiful sun and go for a run. Or run away. whatever works. or….IMG_7933
  3. cheat. Not on your tests. Or the person you wake up next to every morning. Stress and eating are everyone’s favorite two words. {Unless you’re like me who stresses to the point of not eating for days lol that’s ((not healthy)) but fine too *winks and points across the table again*} Hell yeah babygirl, go get that pint of half baked. Eat the whole damn thing. Then get back to your research paper you worked so hard on.IMG_7801
  4. keep your head up. God oh GOD it is so easy to let your head fall in times like these. I’m praying that projects and presentations and final essays are the most of your worries right now. As corny as it sounds, feel thankful. You’re healthy, you have hands to type with, and you have good people around you. keep your head up. Out of your phone, unless you’re calling your mom. keep your head up. it’s only a couple of weeks. home stretch, honey.IMG_7791
  5. I hate the number 5 so I’m skipping this and the above photo is how I feel right now
  6. lean. I am the number one suspect for never leaning on others when I need them. Not always associated with the sign of weakness that no one wants to show, but chances are you have some really lucky human who wants to be there for you. In my case, I look around at my team, my family, my bestfriends, and then I look up at that damn sky. Man oh man do I miss you (all), cause who isn’t missing someone who isn’t physically here. But i’m leaning back looking up because even on my worst day, I have someone to live for.FullSizeRender (4)
  7. love. You know, I don’t think anyone can take advice about love from me anymore. I have spent (or wasted) so much time trying to figure out where I belong. I want you all to read this quote from one of my favorite humans. (hi KF and thanks for ALWAYS listening to me) —  Guys, I had a day. Read these words, and maybe they apply to your life. I can only hope they do. I chose love as the last point because well, there’s not enough of it. Now with that being said, none of it will be coming from me unless you really change my damn mind but I encourage you all to love one another AND YOURSELF. But that’s another whole blog.


FullSizeRender (3)
thank you kk.


WELL amores,

best best BEST of luck this finals week. As always, my phone is on loud if you need ANYTHING. Might not be good at texting, but I’m always here if you need to vent. Plus, mental breakdowns occur more frequently when you get closer to like 2am *winks and points across table one last time for good luck* !

keep it cool, its Friday tomorrow. I guess I forgot to say enjoy your damn weekend.

we will be.

{listen|breathe|cheat|keep your head up|lean|love}


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