the best game you’ll ever play

❁ It’s time to do better.

I’ve done a lot of complaining in this lifetime. Complaining about other people, situations I’m put in, things that go wrong, people who treated me bad, people I treated bad, and situations I put myself in. We are not perfect. But I feel as if that’s the excuse most of us fall back on when we do wrong by those who love us, simply out of the hurt that we may feel. It’s time.

This is a proposition to be a better you, be a better human. Your past cannot define you anymore. I hope you knew this. This blog has now become the place to be, the place to read advice and the place to sit and scroll through away from the crazy dramatics of social media. You are here. I’m happy you are.

The next 20 days in this life, I am in full control. “Day by day” takes too much nerve out of me. I am setting myself up 20 days at a time. I’ve taken precedent after a long flight home with two littles who mean the world to me, after a family trip to Texas. I looked around at the people who helped me grow up, so successful with jobs that speak volumes and littles that curl smiles. Why was I so stuck in my own ways?

We all get sad. We all get angry. We’re humans. I have battled depression and anxiety for a while now. Now, don’t get all sad on me here. IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY SOMETIMES. Somedays I don’t get out of bed. Other days I’m snapping on her, talking about him, or taking that illness out on someone else. I sat back and realized “no one understood” but instead of saying it the negative way, I’ve officially decided to use it as a great tool for this game.

This game? This game is life. It is a game. Whether or not you make it fun is up to you. Serious? Okay. Make it serious. Want to change up the day? Change. It’s a game because sometimes it messes with your head. That’s the bad part. People come in and try to play your game, change your game or even end your game but go back to it — “no one understands.” Exactly. No one understands you the way that YOU understand you. So sit back, play your cards right, love, be loved, and learn something new everyday.

So why 20?

❁first 7 – emotional well | ❁second 7 – physical well |❁last 6 – adventure well. 20 sounded cool. 20 is my basketball number at school and i’m learning to appreciate it a little more. 20 days until I wake up on the west coast, too. ++ So here goes 20 days of cleanse, get myself back on track, and wander around this side of the world a little bit. 20 days to get started on the next 20, and the next 20 after that. Here’s to the next 20 days, and here’s to you. Follow my posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and sunday. Don’t look for reminder’s on Instagram anymore. Share my link, babe. Welcome yourself to the best game you’ll ever play. Welcome yourself to this life.

Welcome to ❁


2 thoughts on “the best game you’ll ever play

  1. Love it! Since my basketball number is 21 I’ll do every 21 days!


    1. I love this


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