I wish I could tell you I just spelled aesthetic without spell check. I also wish I could tell you that I drank any mimosas today at brunch. But, I can do neither. (I’m damn proud of the second one.)

Aesthetic. How do you define aesthetic. For me, it’s the pleasing side of life. There’s one’s that are the Californian, beach sand, light blue eyes and bleach blonde hair, sandalwood floors with white curtains blowing from the ocean breeze. • there’s aesthetics that are maroon and navy blue with a touch of white, preppy and uptight just like the ones living in it. Littered with small whales and polo horses, all white with light blue stripes, too. • there’s dark greens and browns for other aesthetics, the outdoor ones that make you want to live in the wild for days and days. No wifi, brown dirt and tall pines with soft music playing in the background. There’s mountains far off and Patagonia finds its way in. • there’s rainy window aesthetics, gray days showing through the high ceiling windows of the great room, while you sit under the big blanket facing the Netflix streaming through the speakers. • there’s the rustic, pre-modern feelings decorated with flowers and mild brown tables. the house below is from brunch today, enjoy the words beneath.

Finding balance seems like the task at hand. But is it truly? I’m thinking it’s been more about creating the space around you than simply just living in it. So take control of your spaces. If you are a big white bed with white 1000 thread count sheets and enough pillows to leave you an inch of space, then create it. There are too many times you should light candles, turn your favorite music on and lay in that bed. Throw your phone on the charger, and pay attention to the space around you. It’s like we owe ourselves aesthetic. We owe it to ourself to love the spaces we’re in. I have become insane for times that I can listen to my favorite album with an oil diffuser in the background (Lavender Lavender Lavender.) Instead of controlling every last calorie you put into your body, or controlling other people, mind your business. Find your business in lit candles, tea, and the space YOU have to be in.

A few go to albums:


All of these albums are like my prized possessions for aesthetic. Jungle//Petit Biscuit is highly recommended to put on almost full volume in a sunset drive with someone who enjoys music as much as you do (Also look up Night Trouble//Petit Biscuit) Post Tropical offers the Hawaiian relaxation in the most modern of ways, and James’ voice is so incomparable. Every Kingdom, that’s my baby. That’s my plane music, that’s my 2 in the afternoon back deck yoga session music, that’s my lay in bed all day and hope for the best music. Give these a try. Let me know about the sunset drive thing. It’s unreal. If you want to trade music or playlists, just message me if you’re Apple Music or Spotify. Lets meet and trade. (Java’s, anyone??) Let’s change our aesthetic. It’s always been about finding balance, but it’s time to be different. Love the space you’re in, or create a better one.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve received several emails regarding self-help, self-love among other topics of discussion. I couldn’t be happier to help you. I couldn’t be happier to show you old writing. To give you things that I did to stay away from the dark. To give you books to read. I never want to end just simply at the “xo” at the conclusions of my blogs. Email me if you don’t know me, text me if you do, and i’m happy to help. Tuesday i’m looking forward to showing some of the best summer foods to go by — all from the public market (and okay, momma and I cheat and still go to Wegmans.) For those of you with busy weeks ahead, don’t forget to be conscious of the space surrounding you. Don’t get caught up with energy that makes you feel anything less than, well, “aesthetically pleasing.”

(Food and clean houses are excellent spaces to be apart of.) 

Share, Click, and send me feedback. For those who have been asking — Day 4 of 20 and I am nearing the end of the aftermath of the “first 3 day struggle” but I am feeling so excellent. Time for a night run. Subtle reminder since youre probably slouching right now — work on that this week. Shoulders back, chest out, sit up straight. It’ll get you places.

xo, thank you

2 thoughts on “aesthetic 

  1. if you took these pictures, holy shit girl,you’re so good at them!you’re beautiful too,love your hair.keep writing!id love for you to check my blog out too!

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    1. Thank you! I checked you out and followed 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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