a “take what you need”

this is one of my favorite things to do. it’s a “take what you need” – read one, read all, whatever.

encouragement to workout: the only way you can be the best you is to feel the best. you may dread the workout until the second that it is finished, but after you feel even better than you did before. get off your ass, drink some water, and go sweat a little bit. Not for your boyfriend, not for your girlfriend, for yourself. take a picture in the big mirror after, you damn well deserved it. option b: buy a new workout wardrobe. New sneakers and leggings that make your butt look good are always a motivator to get working.

to move forward from a toxic situation/person: pick yourself up. stop replying. stop letting them make you feel bad for something you most likely didn’t do. remove yourself from the situation. No answer is an answer too, and the moment you place more value on yourself you’re already above it. toxic people often come in groups (hence, birds of a feather flock together) so just remember whose company you’re keeping. keep the negativity to your group messages. smile in real life. it’ll make someone’s day.
summer songs:
sunshine – the Knocks Remix / POWERS | not going home / DVBBS, CMC$, Gia Koka | lovesick / Caroline Pennell, Felix Snow | no matter what / The Little Monarch | doubt (summer edit) / Shallou | hope / Tim Legend

kids, but not quite yet:

to know that good things are coming: this comes with patience. I wish I could read the future. But then this wouldn’t be as fun. Trust me, I always wonder when things will “get better” and what “better” really is. I set little things to look forward to. I leave for California in about two weeks, but even before that I am excited to go to the market this weekend. I’m excited to go workout soon. I am excited to have a good day tomorrow. I hope you are being patient. There’s always a plan, and theres always a path. Somedays are better than others, but I promise you that the bad days make you appreciate the good ones THAT much more. you’ve got this, good things are ALWAYS coming.

confidence on the beach: this is one of the most frequent emails that I get, and I wish it wasn’t. There is no “how to” for this. Stop what youre thinking. Keep moving. Wear your damn favorite bikini to the beach or the pool or even on Instagram. Whether you work hard for your body or not, whether you love it or hate it, its too damn hot to wear clothes lately. So embrace it. Follow @aerie — they are nothing less than amazing at promoting healthy, happy girls with unedited pictures. I promise that you’re more than good enough, own it.

good restaurant for the week: I hate giving away my favorite little places, but i’m a fan of sharing (hey you, don’t get any ideas!!!) — Ox and Stone is one of my mom and i’s favorite spots downtown, if you are a margarita fan (or your mom is) you MUST go for $5 Margs on Tuesdays. But what I really go for (the food of course) is the half priced fish tacos, big enough to be able to only eat 2 but good enough to make you want to eat 10. (also, try the spicy sizzling shrimp.) Go with friends or go by yourself, just go. You’ll love.

a hug: would give you my address but that’s a little personal. I wish you the best. Whatever journey you’re on right now, wherever in the world you are, here’s a hug. If you need it, take it, if someone else needs it, screenshot this and send it their way. You are loved.

adventure ideas: Stony Brook getting old for you? Me too. Head out to Chimney Bluffs. IF you haven’t yet, hike the trails. There are breathtaking views, scary dangerous cliffs, and a new appreciation of Lake Ontario waiting for you. Just look up Chimney Bluffs State Park and be on your way! (It’s only about an hour away from Rochester!)

to get your life together: breathe. theres always a bigger mess than yours. clean up slowly. put things back in their place. make lists. call your parents. call your bestfriend. ask for help. lean on the person who’d never let you fall. get rid of the people who dont have your best interest in mind. come sleepover. and yes, this one was for you.

lastly, give something another chance: if you need to give it another chance, just make sure its the second one. anything after 4 is belaboring something that probably should’ve been quit on a while ago. don’t make promises this time, keep your social media positive, and make sure that you are honest with yourself. if it’s a sport, give it your all. if its a friendship, give it your all. if its a  new hobby, give it your all. don’t go in expecting anything more than is achievable, and you’ll come out unscathed. stay low and build.

I hope that you took whatever you needed tonight, and you’ll come back whenever you need something. I like to be giving sometimes.

Share vidanalu.com and i’ll be sure to pray for good luck to come your way.

so much love. xo

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