in this house

“In this house we love for who we are. The people who come in and out should always feel at home. The color of skin, the sexuality that is identified with, and the way we choose to love will be nothing but celebrated. And that’s what makes this house a home.” -us on Long Pond 

By no means are any of us perfect. We find little to no comfort within change, and most of us are stuck in our ways that we were brought up with. There’s a lot to say about the people who go through the damn thing every single day. And there’s plenty to say about the people who don’t. There’s always a lot to say. But instead of saying, speak. Speak volumes. Stand up for what you believe in, but remember that by no means are any of us perfect. “Love is Love” is so much more than just love. Love is amazing but it also sucks sometimes. Love is love, but it’s gratitude, it’s passion, it’s art and it’s being comfortable in your own skin too. Being human comes with mistakes. But you come with a voice, too. You come with hands to be held, lips to taste, ears to hear and eyes to fall in love with and by no means are any of us perfect but we are human. It never mattered what your skin looked like or who you loved, because in this house we always welcomed those with open arms, hoping to leave them better than they were when they came through the doors. It’s important to have understanding that we all have the same set of bones. Some bigger, some smaller, some old and some new, but we all start off the same. To be human is one of the greatest gifts. To be loved is the next greatest. Now however you celebrate the kind of love you offer this world, do it with everything you have. Love is love, and it can be as simple as that. 

If I have been ever so blessed to have you through this crazy life, thank you to the moon. You know who you are, thank you for staying. I love you. Cheers ♥️🌈 

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