shut ’em up, buttercup

First and foremost, check yourself before you start reading this post. In address to the recent hate that I steadily received at the end of the year, thank you for your unwaivered input, but it will not be tolerated on my blog. You are welcome here regardless of if you like me, support me or respect me. 2018 isn’t all chocolate and roses. (In fact, I hate both) but if you plan to stand in my way, also plan to get out of it.

Checked? Okay.

Welcome back to my blog!!!!!! + VIDA=LIFE | NALU=WAVES + Must I remind you that if you haven’t subscribed via email PLEASE DO SO as I am staying far away from mainstream social media for a while. (And if you just said this sounds like a great idea, please email me for my cleanse, I’m happy to help!)

2018 is a year of finishing what you started. Your diet you wanted to start but kinda half-assedly tried to amount to? Kick it into gear, babe. Give yourself a few more days of eating unhealthy and wasting your money on food (I’m done on Saturday) and start to mean what you say. I know, I know, its 2018 and we still don’t get paid for sleeping. I think that’s someone telling us that its a year to do more; be more. So often we are deterred by things like money, unsupportive people, and unforgiving circumstances. However, I have been led to reveal that the only person that matters here in your life is well, you. You are the most complete person you know.

Doesn’t matter how broken you’ve ever been,

doesn’t matter how much money you make,

doesn’t matter how many people like you,

you’re the only one who can write your next page day to day. We’re here on Page 4, how do you like your 2018 chapter so far?

It’s almost like you have to ask the question to yourself every day, “what can I do today to better me?” and actually follow through with it. Here’s a few ideas to get you started into your new year:

+ find a new hobby. Us basketball players are out here dyin’ over winter break but we do get to do what we love each and everyday. I have been attempting to jump rope because, well, Victoria’s Secret models jump rope like CRAZY. And who doesn’t want to be like them (keep your comments to yaself.)

+ start a journal (@breecolilli) START WRITING. Keeping a journal everyday or weekly is a great way to keep yourself in check with, well, yourself. Now people, if you can’t get over putting your phone down for 10 minutes out of your day to talk to yourself ABOUT YOURSELF, i’d ask for a do-over. Keep it in your notes. Let it out. Girls suck. Boys suck. Why keep it all inside? Tell your journal some secrets and share the wealth.

+ Make a schedule. THIS IS EVERYTHING Y’ALL. I am telling you there’s something about color coordination in front of your face that is so motivating. Need to work out more? Party less? How about wake up a little earlier everyday? There’s a color coordinated solution for that. If you don’t have the patience, email me ( your schedule and I’ll make one for you. Handwritten if youre lucky.

+ Make new playlists for people. (@KarlyLynnHeffernan on Insta) has inspired me indefinitely to let music change my days. #nobaddays takes shape in the way that you start, complete, and end your days. There’s a song for everything, and you can make it into a playlist for everything. Follow me on Apple Music or Spotify (Karissa Birthwright) and lets collab, share, and fall in love with new music. (Follow Karly too!)l

+ Try out a new app. @Pintrest seems so old, @VSCO seems so mainstream, and @WordsWithFriends seems so.. wait, who even cares. Do what you gotta do. Obsessed with social media but cant admit it? Change up your posts. Create a theme. Create a color scheme. SWITCH IT UP SHAWTY if it ain’t foreign it’s boring okay let me stop.

+ watch a new show. Black Mirror. Talk to me about it.

+ send more funny tweets to my DM’s. And your bestfriends. Send things that remind you of someone. Send love in general. Stop hating. Don’t say you’re bored with a whole BEAUTIFUL world to see. Only the boring get bored.

It’s 2018. Have more deep conversations. Do things with more intention. Be happy, Be sad, and don’t lie to yourself about how you feel and keep that journal. I want this to be your year. Don’t take anyone’s shit, Don’t succumb to old habits just because it’s comfortable. Take a breath. Less lashing out and more mascara. More yellow and grey, less pink and blue. Keep an eye out blogging world, I’m back. Am I better? We’ll see. (Yes.)

2018 is the year of shutting everyone up, buttercup. Let your success talk. Let the good times roll, and the bad times roll off your water like oil. You’re only as untouchable as you make yourself, now stop selling yourself short.

and as @IndyBlue says on twitter…

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