Moving Forward

As promised via Instagram poll (67/25) here is your blog about moving forward. (Important women is coming next so y’all better start doing notable important tings 😉

I wish it could be one of those 150 word blog posts you rush to post on Blackboard but I guess I’ll take my time with this one. (Just make sure to post your responses in a timely manner haha!) Moving Forward… “easier said than done, to each is own, everyone goes through it different,” whatever way you choose to see it, we’ve all had to do it, and if you haven’t; (God bless your soul) but keep reading. I guess tonight I’d rather open your eyes than sing some words you’ve all heard before. Let’s dance.

So it goes;

+You’re supposed to be with this person for the rest of your life.

+You missed the deadline.

+You’ve known them since you were little.

+They’re family. Blood.

+You didn’t get the job offer.

+You’ve put your whole heart and soul into loving them.

+You’ve had enough of being treated a given way.

+You didn’t win the award.

+You’re crying more than you’re smiling.

+You messed up.

+They passed away.

and so it goes;

-It didn’t work.

-They betrayed you.

-You left them.

-They’re with someone new.

-They’re your angel now.

If I missed a point, we can fight about it later. {i love ashley}

So here’s my version of your everything that haunts you, everything you lay awake at night about. They tried to tell you it’s all going to be alright, or they promised they’d be there or they even told you that they “promised” and goodness, you believed them. We’re humans being humans. Now you’ve cried, yelled, screamed, looked at the clock confused because you accidentally spent the last 35 minutes furiously texting them, lost it in public, got way too drunk, numbed yourself, and got up the next morning with puffy eyes.

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all had something taken from us.

Now, here you are. At a crossroads between being okay, picking another fight, sending another tweet, stalking his new girl’s instagram, or reposting something off her VSCO because you know so-and-so will see it. Please hold in mind that there’s a difference between moving on and moving forward. It just takes a few breaths and some patience.

No one is sitting here telling you to delete the pictures, the texts, the voicemails, because memories are something that you should always hold true to. You’re going to think about whatever is holding you back, and it will linger on your mind for a while. But it’s time to invest your energy into new things. New people. New things. New places. It’s not about when you “get over it” because you might never. There’s no one on this earth that can tell you to put out a fire that’s been burning your whole life, been burning for a couple months, even a couple weeks, and I sure as hell won’t be providing water to any of you. (DRINK YOUR WATER THOUGH SUMMER IS COMING !) But to think that you’re holding yourself back because you’ve been holding on to something that no longer serves you purpose; whether physically, mentally, emotionally — you are not moving forward.

So I guess I’m here to tell you that it’s an art. Moving Forward is an art form. It’s the balance between letting go, but never forgetting what that chapter of your life has taught you. It’s the change between crayons and permanent markers that you got to do when you were in 3rd grade. It’s the route you used to take to stop and give her flowers, but now you pick up juul pods on your way home instead. But in all honesty, Moving Forward is letting go of holding on. Moving Forward is art because well, you are too.

They’ve taught you a lot.

You’ll love them forever. – But they’re not for you anymore.

You lost your favorite person. – But you have an angel now.

You didn’t get the job. – But you’ll apply to another program.

You’ll always care. – But it’s not your job anymore.

You messed up. – Say you’re sorry and be sincere in your apology.

So guys, girls, here’s to moving forward. Here’s to not letting your headache of a life become a concussion. Here’s to being lighter on your feet, doing everything with good intent, and letting go of the aspects of your life you cannot control. Trust in me, as I’ve found that your world can end dozens of times and you’ll never lose count of the times you’ve gotten back up. You guys are damn strong. Let us cry about it, bitch about it, take a deep breath, and move forward.

Please pass this along to someone who needs it; keep people in your prayers, and send someone a good morning text. It gets better; it always, always, always gets better. As always, feel free to send me ideas or slide in my emails (or my DM’s) if you need anything. I’m working on something cool I cannot wait to show you guys!


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