love for y’(all)

Look in the mirror. You’re human, arms, legs, face. Pretty cute probably. If you’re 18-22, you’ve more than likely had a crush on someone, loved someone. Talked to a person who was talking to someone else, maybe even dated someone who dated your bestfriend after you. You’ve probably dated someone who broke your heart in half, right? and if you’re into having a cold heart you’ve probably broken a few too. You’ve confided in someone your secrets, kissed them goodnight, and rolled over the next morning to a sleepy smile. (and well, if you haven’t been a victim of love, good for you HA HA)

Look in the mirror. You’re human. Now think about a member of the LGBTQ+ community that you know. They just read the same exact words, and related just the same.

Ahhh, it’s so easy to preach about loving everyone until it comes down to it.

Loving E V E R Y O N E.

You might not agree with the sexuality of someone. It might make you uncomfortable because of your religion, might make you nervous because its not “normal” and it might make you cringe because you’d “never do that”. That’s okay. No one said you had to wear a rainbow flag and run around pride to show someone in the LGBTQ+ community that you’re there.

In this house & on this earth, I promise to always have Love 4 All.

Welcome to Pride Month.

@Abercrombie has been a place of employment for me for about the past year. When I walked in to our Eastview location last week to buy the yellow bathing suit pictured, I smiled so big that it hurt. The girl that was working saw my smile, and she exchanged an “I know” with me. There was a pride table, with a line of clothing called “Made For Love.” Grabbed that rainbow striped towel, called up my favorite photographer since 6th grade, (GO FOLLOW @jenelle_g) and got to work. That’s who took these pictures. On an iPhone. G O L D E N H O U R is not a drill.

Let’s chat about @zoemcd15. Zoe and I had always known each other for the girls we both had in common; and man oh man did we let it get the best of us. However. It’s safe to say that I have found a sister and best friend in someone who knows more about me than I know about myself. Finding someone that can finish your sentences, tell you that someone is good for you or not, and celebrates your happiness just the same is so hard to do. I am so thankful for this girl, her confidence in being who she is, and our friendship that has only grown stronger over all these years. WORD OF ADVICE: A RELATIONSHIP CAN NEVER OUTSHINE A FRIENDSHIP. Or the amount of seltzers you can consume in a 2 hour ride to Darien Lake.

A lot of you have always wondered about my relation to Emily Meeks. Its funny because I think I’ve found more confidence in being who I am with her on the phone across the entire country. Washington is far, but if you ever want to do distance with someone, do it with her. I’ll have to approve of you first, but I definitely don’t know many people who could fit perfectly with her. I write about Em because she was the first person to get me to come out of my shell when it came to loving myself and loving who I want to love. It’s cool that someone you’ve never met before can have such a large impact on your life. I love you Emmy Jean!

Thank God that I have a family and a support system that has been through breaking relationship barriers. A story that is better told in person starts off with my parents. For those of you close to me, you know Curtis + Lis, but for those of you new here (hey!) my dad is black and my mom is white. The most beautiful people I know, almost 25 years of marriage, and forever to go. It wasn’t always roses, because my mom’s family wasn’t exactly comfortable with an African American guy coming into their daughter’s life. It took time, acceptance, adjustment, and well, having two (cute ass) kids to do some convincing, but it was something that they worked hard for everyday until it became their norm.

A straight couple. Having to risk comfort for love.

The LGBTQ+ community does this day in and day out.

Risking comfort for love.

SO, Let us have this month, to throw the rainbow around and watch girls kiss girls and guys kiss guys because that’s what love is really all about. That smile between the kisses, or the hand that squeezes yours a little tighter.

Love knows no gender.

No religion.

No location. And it also doesn’t know your GPA.

LOVE4ALL is something that i’ll be going by, from this point on. No exclusion, no rolling my eyes. Just simply loving someone for who they are, not what they do behind closed doors. Want to join me? Please reach out. Scream to me. Yell as loud as you can to the world.

There’s a lot of fighters in this world, and there’s some lovers too. But from here on out, I’ll be both.

I love you all, and thank you for being apart of this journey called life.

In reference to the most recent tragedies we have noted in the world; Anthony Bourdain & Kate Spade, I am saddened by their stories, but humbled to get to take note of their influence in the cooking and fashion industries. For the most recent awful local tragedies, Paige Smith & Ryan Nagel, I extend my prayers, love, and wellness to anyone who needs them. Bri Scarpulla, you have no idea the community that has taken initiative to back you and will you to recovery. Their gofundme accounts are here:

Paige –

Brianna –

Although we have the worst situations, we have the brightest, most beautiful angels. If you are in another country, or even our own US, I ask that you please say a prayer for the families, friends, teammates and classmates affected by these events that have shaken up our local towns of Hilton, and Greece.

In a world of tragic events, there is one thing that we all can do.

And that is love.

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