we love a vegan sister

how i stopped eating (animal) friends

well would you look at the time. it’s been 6 months since i’ve eaten animal products and it turns out i never needed animal products in my body in the first place. before you yell at me about a protein deficiency, or say “you could never give up fat cheeseburgers” I’m not here to beg you to be vegan. I just want to tell you what’s been up these past 6 months. 

So for starters, I quit cold turkey (haha). I literally cannot lie, it was hard as hell. I’m never easily convinced unless its to work more hours or go to the west coast. Jilli had called me from Bali, and I got off the phone with a new lifestyle in mind. She explained that being vegan seemed like something she couldn’t believe I had never tried. At this point, I was so wrapped up in the way I looked that I never understood what it was like to actually feel good. So with all of my control issues, about 18 pounds heavier, and an open mind, I started it. Wow. Bye chicken fingers, hello happy chicken friends aww!

You guys know I’ve always been healthy, but this has taken it to the next level. Instead of reading labels, I study them. I’m that friend who has to reassure people that I will “make it work” at the restaurant they want to eat at. I’m also the “vegan” of the group, always, and I’m always picking around the cheese (I’m still allergic to it so thats a plus) and yes, i still eat avocado nearly everyday. Enough about the negatives, though. Being vegan is damn awesome. 

So lets talk statistics (and i’m going to be extremely elementary) —

Every time you choose to not eat meat, you are saving about 1000+ gallons of water. How? It takes just that to raise one cow. We NEED to save water. For those of you who live under a rock, our world is in a fresh water crisis, just as much as it is in an energy crisis. That being said, by not eating meat, you are also saving grain that is being used to feed the livestock that would normally be killed. For those of you who live under a boulder, grain has become one of the top sources for fuel (for your cars, to heat your college apartments, etc) in todays contemporary culture. How does this relate to politics? Well, i’m sure someone could find a way but thats not what I’m good at. 

“What do you even eat” they ask. I eat everything and anything that I want, all day everyday. I am constantly snacking, and yes, my “cheat” days consist of those rainbow candy airheads that you all make fun of me for. I’ll attach my address for care packages thanks. I still eat mac & (fake) cheese — I have a bomb recipe for that. Cookies, cupcakes, all that, stop asking. But, my favorite part about being vegan is that I get to always have fresh fruit and avocado around. I do eat fake chicken (its from Gardein) and sweet potato fries are ALWAYS a good idea. We don’t just eat like rabbits. Rice cakes are a staple, same with natural creamy peanut butter, and for anyone who knows me, WHEAT THINS ~ I do have to say “How do you get your protein” is my favorite question to get, namely for the attitude that comes behind it when they add “youre an athlete” … First off, lose the attitude. Theres no such thing as a “protein deficiency” which goes back to the whole issue of even eating animals in the first place. But, if you’re dying to know, I eat Banza Chickpea pasta (18g Protein a serving) like its my job, but all of the almond butter, peanut butter, avocados, and hummus that I eat does the trick. We don’t worry about irrelevant matters here. 

So lastly, for the people asking how I feel, I feel the best I’ve felt in about 6 years. I thought I had stopped struggling with body image, but I think it only got worse until I changed my lifestyle completely. Not only do I never feel awful after I eat, but I also look forward to what I eat, my trips to Whole Foods, and talking about it with momma (who is officially 5 months Gluten-Free love you sis) Not only do I look in the mirror and love what I see, but I wake up easier, (I don’t sleep easier but you guys know that) and I have consistent energy throughout the day without even thinking twice about it. 

Wait but lets talk about how BARE Juice Bar just opened and I PROMISE that you need it in your life. (Yes, it is my newest and most favorite job!) We’re talking smoothies, and smoothie bowls. All the fresh fruit in the world (that I probably cut on Tuesdays/Thursdays 7-11 cough come visit me), gluten free cookies, coffee (try the lavender one!), Annie’s homemade bliss balls (OMG THEYRE SO GOOD.) Aside from having the most amazing boss (who went to Saint Rose!) I love working here because I can literally eat everything on the menu without hesitation. All vegan, and bomb as hell. Ask around. (And we don’t water down own bowls, promise) Some of my favorites are the Cookie Me Crazy Bowl, Blue Lagoon, Sunset Savasana, let’s be honest they’re all delicious. (Oh and look at most of the labels on the jars, ya girl did those!) I am so happy to be working for a small business that is food-waste free, as we give all of our peels, rinds and extra fruit to some happy little piggies at June Bug farms. Before you come visit us, educate yourself!

Alright my loves, happy almost finals week, I’m sorry I went missing for about 7 months but I guess I was too busy being vegan to blog. Someone please help me. If you have any questions, are thinking about going vegan, or need some recipes, I’m your gal. Also, follow Jilli’s account @jilligreenbean –the best girl i know when it comes to everything vegan. Also.. send me pictures of your food it actually makes my day!

If you needed a sign by the way, here it is. You’re doing great. Send positive vibes if you feel yours fluctuating. After all, it’s all about how you feel at the end of the day, so love yourself a little harder, sis. 

xo, KB

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