in peace may you rest ‘18

First and foremost to my friends and family, I love you. I would not be here without you. To the general public, if you’re reading this, know that I send congrats to your promotions, your engagements, your new babies, and your smiling faces. Cheers to a full send straight into 2019, and more solutions rather than problems. Love ya.

Now since I get yelled at about “how I don’t open up,” here we are.

I wish I had 365 days of peace love and joy but to be completely honest, f*you 2018. Instead of a fake recap on snapchat of all the “good stuff” that happened to me this year, I’ve gathered you all here today for a funeral (like my outfit?).

Goodbye 2018, just a damn no from me.

But wait, take some free advice away from my very own 2018.

1 MAKING MISTAKES: This. It’s going to happen. Take it from my Type A, power loving self and understand that you’re not perfect. There never has been a version of you that will ever be 100% everything for everyone around you, and thats not a dig, thats the damn hole. When I started accepting the mistakes that I have made, whether it be in a lab that I failed or a game that we lost. The quicker you accept your mistakes, the easier it is to move on to brighter spots and better things.

1a MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK, ALWAYS: just don’t do this. We all believe in second chances. If it has been removed from your life for the second time, don’t allow a third. or 7th.

2 SAY ‘I LOVE YOU’ MORE: to your parents. your friends. your grandparents. if you feel it, say it. stop being so cold hearted, stop denying love. be glad you said it, rather than wishing you did when you can’t.

3 DONT GO VEGAN OVERNIGHT (but go vegan lmao contact me for all your needs)

4 CHOOSE YOU; do not let ANYTHING get in the way of how far you’ve come, where you’re going, or how much you’ve changed (ie: the mistakes made in bullet 1a.) Self love is IT let me tell you, especially when you’ve dug YOURSELF out of a hole someone else buried you in. Congratulate yourself. Screenshot the shit out of these words if you do one thing today, and know your own well being is worth far more than the way another human can make you feel. CHOOSE YOU. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Choose you.

5 stop saying yes to everyone. stop trying to please everyone. it doesn’t ever happen ever. say no.

6 DONT SPREAD YOURSELF TOO THIN: ive never really learned this but I’m hoping 2019 will literally make me stop doing this holy shit i need a break.

7 IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOURE LOSING SOMEONE, TRUST YOUR GUT: time, God, destiny, whatever you believe in, trust how you feel in your stomach. if you feel like you’re losing someone and you know you shouldn’t be, try harder. if you feel like you’re losing someone and it’s because they don’t care about you the way you know you should be treated, walk away. I promise you one thousand times over: it’s easier to walk away if you feel it in your stomach that you should; than to stay and fight for someone who doesn’t have the capacity to treat you the way you should be treated.

8 Listen to the people who care about you. And apologize when they were right about whatever bad decision you made. Because well, they know you.

9 letting the right people back into your life – (somedays) I’m big on second chances here. Buuuutttt.. let down? again? remember who you are. set standards for yourself. your standards aren’t the same as his. Or hers. Or mine. They’re yours. Set them high, and don’t settle for what’s comfortable.

97 (lmao sorry for the talkout!) last but not least, CONFUSING LOVE FOR LUST. this is something that we’ve all done, all warned ourselves about, it’s the relationship you know you shouldn’t have started but you did anyways. the one that no one can know about because it’d hurt more people than help, but the one you know you can’t forget if you tried. i hope they come back too, but 2018 taught me to NEVER forget, timing is everything.

I hope 2019 is good to you. – But, you get what you give. Give a little. Take some advice. Love a little harder. Thank you for coming to my TED talk funeral.

I can’t promise big things are coming. I can’t really promise anything anymore. I’m taking 2019 like I learned (in like September) – DAY BY DAY. Lets be honest, a year can make a big difference in just about any aspect of your life… are you ready?

xo -riss

-photos in champion outfit taken by my darling @jenelle_g

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