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logo kbAhh, why “Vida Nalu?” — my favorite question. +vida (life) +nalu (waves in Hawaiian) Formerly Narcotic Vitamin, I have decided to make a switch. CHANGE IS GOOD. The best advice I’ve ever received is that we are here to make our mark. Now whether or not you want to be a pencil line or an entire mural is up to you. (Pick the mural, every time.)

Logo. I drew it. Lets talk about it. If you know me, you know the wave obsession. Simply put, you must flow with the waves of this life. The shapes are rainbow because Equality among ALL humans is what looks good to me. Different shapes, Different sizes, Different colors, Different love, but we’re all human. Who’s KB lol

Why a blog? Because I like to write. I love it, actually. I’m here for a good time, but I’m here to learn. Follow me on a journey through health, wellness, opinions, and lots and lots of pictures. As requested, there will be days of personal writing that I cannot wait to share with you all. The greatest thing that you can share is knowledge and wine.

Well, i’m Karissa and I don’t have it all together. I don’t have time to tell you my life story, but I do have time to show you how I am devoted to making a mark on life. Somedays I wish I was 4 years old splashing in a kiddie pool and other days I wish I was 40 with littles in the backyard but hey—- until then, get your crown, enjoy the waves, and remember — this is life.

For any collabs or submissions, email me! — rissablogs@yahoo.com

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+Every link that is posted at the top of Vida Nalu is something that has been intriguing me lately and I would love to share with you! I am no way affiliated with any of these websites, however I am so excited to pass them on. You should probably pass them on too.


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